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Just a nobody, who is trying to be an artist.

Nothing special here. Blah..

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Guys please don't thank me for watch or fave or whatever, You are all very welcome.


Fenris by Ajgiel
Have some puppy eyes
Sorry for spaming with boring portraits lately, but this turned out to be more quality than i intended in the first place. I swear the next thing will be something more complicated
rat rat rat by Ajgiel
rat rat rat
I can't make anything serious so i'm just doing fuckload of stupid oc skethes. Here Nox with different hairstyles, the two ponytails one is totally out of character tho.
The Greatest Art of the All Time by Ajgiel
The Greatest Art of the All Time
Double meme with magical mystical Noir-x She did the left side I did the right side
Yes the truth is revealed I pretend to be handsome yaoi man on the internet to attract the innocent yaoi fangirls and fanboys to sell them drugs and in real life i'm just a teenage blob T_T but this doesn't matter anymore cos this meme changed my life :'D THANK U BLACKU SENSEIII~!
Also I swear on everything that we didn't consult the death note part we just hate almost the same shit, but only because Blacku Sensei didn't play DAO. Amazin.
Precious cinnamon bun by Ajgiel
Precious cinnamon bun
Rudy. he didn't changed but i was drawing him in like 3 different ways since I made him so i kinda mixed them up and made the ultimate version. Also I suck so much lately that i need reference for my own art.
He never goes to hairdresser.
Rudy was born in The City (city in wchich most plot is happening, it's my own fictional city created after war, sometimes i call it Iron Valley in my mind cos they have iron and coal mines there and a lot of weapon industry, but i think it needs better name) in the most wealthy family, his father is the chancellor and co of the big corporation producing weapons and technology. His father, like his grand father and grand father and many grand grand... fathers before him, is the most powerful person in whole City, he makes the politics more and more totalitarian, so there is resistance movement forming against him and his party, the only one that there is btw. Rudy wanted to be like his father, till he discovered how bad people from lovel social classes are treated. He started to rebel and even tried to join the resistance movement, they didnt take him in tho for obvious you are son of our worst enemy reasons. He met Nox there for the first time but it was short and rather unpleasant. After the massacre and riot that led to destruction of resistance movement Rudy set fire to new prison for politicals that was still under construction and told in rather vulgar and loud words what doesh he think about his father right in his face.  After that father told him that he isn't his son anymore and kicked out of house and family, took all the money from his bank acc and said that if he'll return they will arrest him. So Rudy started his new miserable life on the streets. He used to drink and go to clubs in lowtown with his friends before but it was nothing like that. He had no home, most people who recognised him were agressive and hated him for being chancellor's son. His friend Mia (i'll try to introduce her soon) who used to belong to higher class like him, but got kicked out for helping resistance movement took him in. He hit the bottom, he was drinking too much and he started doing drugs, very nasty ones. He kept burning down things, destroying his father's party symbols and propaganda, he was getting into fights frequently, soon there was a bounty. That's how he got into the most feared bounty hunter in the area, called the Knight (he's a cyborg, one of Sasha's "siblings", he fights with big ass sword, that can slice a car, bc he has huge robotic arm and wears armor thet can be pierced by the antitank missile, he is literally tank on two legs). That's how he met Nox again, bc Knight caught her as well (but there was a lot more money for her, bc of murders, her identity was unknown tho, and she lied it was for being ex resistance movement member). Rudy helped her and together they escaped, Nox got shot in the leg in the process and Rudy took her to her home. She had few hideouts and just stopped using that one after that event. Knight tracked down Rudy week after and took him, this time for questioning. He was resisting, and Knight's men beat him up (that's how he gets scars on his face, the one on lip is because he got his piercing torn out). They broke him but, oops Nox wasn't there. Knight got angry and beat up Rudy nearly to death, and left on the street to die. Nox found him later in the hospital, it was full at time so she took him to her house, bc she was feeling guilty about what happend. She was rough at the beggining but then they became good friends and then even more. Nox helped him get out of drug addiction, Rudy helped Nox to get back to more decent life and stop killing people (even if he didn't know about that). Later there is more drama and Rudy becomes the leader of the revolution but it get too long already, i'm gonna write more the other time maybe.
From Russia with love by Ajgiel
From Russia with love
Well this lad changed
I made him year and half ago or so, he's the cyborg boy, and for super long time I hadn't the name for him. But that changed, his name is Sasha and he's Russian. I think i have to draw my ocs more often, cos their desighns changed, (he was too similar to my other oc so i changed his face shape, eye color and hairstyle, he has undercut with long fringe but it's not much visible here.) and introduce the new ones.
He's 18, he looks 20something, but has the mind of a 12 year old. 12 year old who can kill 10 people with one hand and is well trained bodyguard faithful to his "mom". Doesn't know much about life tho, like he can't even make a proper sandwitch.
Note about the lore: It is happening on Earth in future so all those events are fiction. There are no countries and people live in free cities because of the plague that came after the war.
He was born in Petersburg, there isn't much known about Sasha's childhood or family. At the age of 7 he lost his whole right arm and half of right leg in explosion during the fights that led to destruction of the city, his parents died and there was no other family that could take care of him. He was rescued by volunteers from team of researchers under the leadership of Elvira Brecher (another oc one of the old, crusty ones that no one would like, but important to the plot). She proposed participation in project Titan, (her previous research project was shut down due to illegal experiments on the young children) in which he could get back his arm and leg. He signed the papers, (everything was legal this time) and became the test subject. The project was about creating super soilders with the prosthetics specially designed for combat. he was doing incredibly well, and became one of the best trained people, despite the young age. he met two other people from Petersburg there and they became like brother and sister to him. Elvira was his mother figure, and the unhealthy relationship grew between them. He was on few missions, but never really felt good with killing people, he wanted to please his mom tho, so he kept doing what he was told. With the end of project, when he was 15 he could keep his new arm and leg (the unarmed version ofc) and decide what to do with his life. He stayed with his "mom" as her bodyguard, ready to do everything she asks. His "brother and sister" became infamous bounty hunters, but he didn't know that. He wasn't really happy, but he was unable to live by himself because living in isolation for such a long time. He didn't know anything about the world outside and Elvira was keeping him this way. Everything changed when he met Nox few years later, she was part of another project but not quite willingly, and his task was to be the guard. He hated her at first because she killed his "siblings" but then they started talking, Nox told him about the world she knew, that was diffrent from what "mom" was always telling him. He started to be more interested about what was happening outside, who his "family" really was. He understood that his realationship with Elvira wasn't normal, that she wasn't like a mother, and his brother and sister were brutal murderers. In the end Nox convinced him to break out with her, and after that they became friends. He was 19 when they escaped to Moscow and there they splited up. Nox went to confront her father and Sasha started to live the new life.
Maybe, big maybe, not very likely, if i'll try to make a webcomic and I don't want to spoil much +the story is fluid and unfinished.

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