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Just a nobody, who is trying to be an artist.

Nothing special here. Blah..

Read FAQ before asking, or using my works -
personal/art/inspiration/shit - Tumblr -


Guys please don't thank me for watch or fave or whatever, You are all very welcome.


draw this again by Ajgiel
draw this again
I think that's improvement
If you want to +fav, fav the new one :I give up  
I give up by Ajgiel
I give up
Redraw of my very old work from like 2012, because I liked that one. Decided to make it in color tho.
The shirt says never give up, but the never is covered and blurred. Everyone is strong and motivated at the beginning, but there often comes a moment when there's nothing we can do.

old one:
 I give up
Destiny by Ajgiel
So it's based on the Red string of fate myth that says that two people connected by the string are destined lovers regardless of place, time, or circumstances. I pesrsonally don't belive in destiny, and I Think that our own actions shape our lives. So yeah.

Also my first ink drawing I made willingly, not because art teacher wanted it, so it's crooked.
New by Ajgiel
Eyyyyyyyyy I like the new logo so i made a peedpaint with it

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PotatingDavidator Featured By Owner 6 hours ago  New member Student Traditional Artist
Dude your artwork is amazing! Keep it up!

*i pale in comparison* xD
RedCelebi Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Traditional Artist
Your art is beautiful
AliceNachtrose Featured By Owner 2 days ago
I love your works! keep it in this way!w00t! 
Ajgiel Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Thanks ^_^
Tec-Sabi Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student General Artist
I just gotta say you are truly inspirational and your artwork is incredible. It really makes me feel to take in the fields of semi-realism your style is lovely and it encourages me to do so much more :heart:

thank you for being so talented!
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