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Just a nobody, who is trying to be an artist.

Nothing special here. Blah..

Read FAQ before asking, or using my works -
personal/art/inspiration/shit - Tumblr -


Guys please don't thank me for watch or fave or whatever, You are all very welcome.


Fuckups by Ajgiel
I don't post skethes here anymore, but I wanted to post this one cos I don't draw my OCs as much as I used to and if i do it's unrelated to the story, so this is the drawing of Nox and Rudy wearing their actual winter clothes. This is the closest thing to reference i ever did. I still have not enough confidence to tell something about the lore.
Victory by Ajgiel
This is work totally unrelated to my life, or the story of my oc Nox that you see here. I just had that vision in my head when once on lesson about caligraphy teacher shown us the Roman writings on Trajan's Column. When I look at them I see majestic people on horses. That's it. This is the random inspiration I often talk about. Trajan pro font is the closest font to those letters, and bc I had to be there and I didn't know what to write I put some Julius Caesar stuff there bc I think it fits pretty nicely, also it makes nice square. So yeah this is the most majestic thing I made ever I think it took me 2 weeks or more and I'm hella proud of it.
She looks totally like someone from house Targaryen here
Hero - Champion - Inquisitor by Ajgiel
Hero - Champion - Inquisitor
Neria Surana ○ Mavis Hawke ○ Faynar Lavellan
My beloved children of Dragon age ;-; I was practicing grawing without lineart.
I wrote shortened my Dragon Age experience under my Fenris card but deleted it cos this is better place to put it.

SO now let me tell you a story SPOILERS ALERT
It started when DAO was for free on origin back in october i think, I got it not knowing what even is this game. The graphics is shitty, the gameplay is even more crap but I kept playing cos the story was kinda interesting. And then I acknowledged that this game has like dating sim mixed in and you can atually fuck your followers. So fucking the virgin knight Alistair became my most important mission, sadly I noticed the romance thing too late and I failed. The sadness. The drama. And later this game became SO FUCKIN INTENSE LIKE HOLY SHIT, virgin knight became a virgin king, bc Anora was a fuckin cunt, and warden killed Longhain and everything was epic wow. My warden killed a dragon, became a hero of her homeland, minstrels wrote the songs but she could't fuck the virgin knight. dammit. AND THE NEXT GAME HAS EVEN MORE DRAMA AND IT IS SO FUCKED UP LIKE EVERYBODY WAS CRAZY, SRSLY NEVER GO TO KIRKWALL. And this asshole Fenris happened, I thought Holy shit ur cute and then he ripped the beating heart out of living persons chest and I was like even better. And my hawke got involved into 2 more brutal murders (there was actually a lot more but those two had the organs ripping thing going on) just to get dat booty. I think hawke really is dangerous psuchopath but she masks it with sassyness and stupid jokes. She stopped joking so much when her mom became the frankenstein like thing and died in her daughter's arms. Also like hawke's 2 bffs and boyfriend killed members or their own family oops. And then there is Anders with his perfect solutions. The gameplay is still shit, graphisc not so much, but the story is not shit. Like I liked all characters (except Meredith and Anders, srsly fuck Anders) My life was ruined after DA2 alredy, but then I bought DAI and became 100% dragon age trash. BC YAS GAMEPLAY IN DAI ISN'T SHIT AND GRAPHICS IS FUCKIN GORGEOUS and like DA2 story was good. This playthrough was a fairytale compared to DA2 tho, or after DA2 just wasn't fucked up enough. My inquisitor was like worst inquisitor ever: hates the chantry, avoids responcibility, and is just asshole to everybody. Especially Cassasndra, he was flirting with her bc her reactions are funny. No wonder she rejected him, still that was sad. Buy later he discovered he's bi and fucked Dorian :D so the romance were there but not as quite as I planned. Still Dorian's butt was worth all the money I payed for this game. ALSO SERA. This was beautiful bromance. AND AFTER THE FADE MISSION I REALLY STOPPED REGRETING MAKING ALISTAIR A KING sorry Stroud, but Hawke needs to go back to her broody bf. I trusted Morrigan this time, cos I didn't want to have more dead children, but her face when the mom appeared was worth it. Also Corypheus' heels&stockings... marvelous. Fuck Solas tho. SO that was a wild adventure full of feels, I wasn't expecting that when downloaded DAO. My life Is totally ruined now and I feel empty cos there is no more Dragon Age games. I hate this Game and I hate EA. I'd rate it 10/10
XIII Death by Ajgiel
XIII Death
I had this crazy idea for Fenris fan art and i did it, the first thing in 2015 is dragon age fan art lel
This took me like 2 weeks, started when I finished da2 and haven't played dai yet. Obviously Inspierd by inquisition Tarot cards (there will be next one for my inquisitor when i finish dai) and death tarot card. 
Fenris is my new favourite asshole and I have very special connection with him.

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