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Just a nobody, who is trying to be an artist.

Mostly pretty boys and gore with occasional badassery.

Read FAQ before asking, or using my works -
Tumblr -


Guys please don't thank me for watch or fave or whatever, You are all very welcome.


For all curious or too lazy/shy/i don't care people who don't ask for permission. 

What mediums do you use in your traditional works?
  mostly pencils, regular ones not mechanical: HB, 2B, 4B, 8B, watercolors, acrylics, black ink and very rarely charcoal. I often add some gradients/color/textures in Photoshop.

What programs do you use.
  Photoshop cs6, sai in older works.

Can you make a speedpaint?
  Maybe in future, but not now.

Do you have facebook page?

Can I use you work as desktop wallpaper/icon?
  Yes it's perfectly ok with me.

Can I post you works on my facebook/use them as background in my yt video/ post them on diffrerent websites than your da and tumblr?
Yes you can, just give me a credit and link to my deviantart or tumblr or both.

Can I use your works in my school project, exam or whatever?
  Yes unless it's just showing my work as your inspiration, no copying, no editing and only for your exams or presentation about artists you like, things like that, credit is necessary ofc. If the topic of your thing is depression, or any other mental disorder I don't want you to use my works for it. I already moved one of my works to storage and I probably won't bring it back because people constantly wanted to use it as illustration for their school projects about depression.

Can i copy your work for practice?
  Yes, however I don't reccomend that. I'm not professional, I make alot of mistakes, I don't want you to learn things wrong way. but if you do it and publish it you have to give me a credit and link to original.

Can you draw this character and this character doing that for me?
  No, I don't do requests.

Are commissions open?

Are you selling prints?

Are you ok?
  Yes I am.

How old are you? Are you boy or girl? Where are you from?
  That's not your business.

Hi, I love your art, I also have depression/ social anxiety/ any other mentall ilness/ i'm psychologist so I understand how you feel, I can relate to you art. Are you ok? If you need someone to talk to you can always talk to me. I'm here for you.
    DUDE YOU DON'T KNOW ME. Srsly when I get messages like that I always ignore them. If I have bad day i'm gonna probably respond with colloquial fuck off, not crying my eyes out on your shoulder.
If you want to talk to me and you don't know how to start: start conversation with anything, cartoons you like, some story you wanted to share, cat pics, anything ordinary. Don't write things like example above, those notes are the only cases when I'm just rude from the start.

Hi I'm writer and i want to hire you as illustrator.
  I don't think this would work because I barely have time for myself bc of school.

OMG is that *insert name of character here*?
  If it's not in category fan art and there isn't name of this character in the description it certainly isn't. Saying people OCs look like some other characters from manga, tv shows, cartoons etc is not a compliment and in 100% cases sounds like accusation of ripping off the design.

  I don't like these, so most probably i will ignore it.

And some things from me for the second kind of people.

If you want to do something that isn't included above with my works ask me for permission. It doesn't hurt.
Do not take and edit my works. This makes me really upset, and if you don't care about that, better care about me reporting you. Giving me credit under done thing won't help you.
Do not make any kind of things with my works if it's not for your private use.
Do I need to mention something about claiming my works as yours?

I know it might be rude but i'm rude. I love da and you but the same situations are happening over and over and i'm tired of them.
Trash Romantica cover by Ajgiel

So yeah if you hadn't seen yet i made translation. Link is there in the description.
Trash Romantica cover by Ajgiel
Trash Romantica cover
 I'm glad to announce my first webcomic
Those are first 9 pages of the first chapter, from now on i'll add them separately. It's only in polish for now, but I'm thinking about making english version as well if people will be interested.

Update: here's the english version!
I'm not native speaker, so if you have any suggestions how to improve it I'm open for suggestions.
Comeback from the dead by Ajgiel
Comeback from the dead
I think only long time watchers remember Jack, I hadn't drawn him for like 2 years, and there was a time when he was even erased from The Story, but recently I had some new ideas for his plotline so he's back. With fresh new designs, and personality and the face that actually looks right for his age (he's 30+).
It's redraw of this old junk.

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You have such a beautiful gallery! Here, have a llama, cuz ur awesome!
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